Banishing Wallpaper for Good!

In March, when summer was fast approaching, I wanted to finish this year’s indoor projects before the sunshine beckoned me outside. After successfully removing the wallpaper from our downstairs bathroom in what I called a “mini makeover,” I thought it time to remove the last of the wallpaper from our home. Our main bathroom is upstairs and in pretty decent shape. It appears to have been previously remodeled in the early 2000’s featuring a nice vanity with granite countertop and acceptable – if boring – hardware, light fixture, and tile. All things I can live with for sure. It did, however, have floor to ceiling green wallpaper. As far as wallpaper goes, I thought it had a nice neutral pattern and texture, and while the color wasn’t anything I would have chosen, it was not offensive either. Overall, it was just ok. But the color was a little dark for a small room and the paper was beginning to buckle and peel at the seams. Removing the paper and painting a crisp neutral color would prove to be the refresh that this bathroom sorely needed.