Welcome River!

It’s a girl!

Logan and I would like to introduce River, the newest member of the Mountains to Midwest family! She is a 7.5-week-old German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). After my last two female dogs, I reeeeaaaallly wanted a boy, but mother nature had other ideas, I guess. So, River will have some big pawprints to fill in the wake of her departed sisters, McKenna and Madison.

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Kayaking Adventures: The Maiden Voyage

While it is currently 10 degrees outside, and the snow is knee-high, Logan and I can’t help but reflect on warmer times and our amazing summer. Here’s a look back at last spring, when the snow was gone, and we took our newly purchased kayaks on their maiden voyage…

It was late April, the ice was out, we had our gear, and it was 70+ degrees outside.
Let’s do this!

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Kayaking Adventures: Getting Started… in Winter?

Logan is a mountain boy. He loves the challenge of scaling a steep trail to the inevitable payoff of a spectacular panoramic view at the top. We knew when we agreed to leave Colorado that trading the mountains for flat land would present more than just a change of scenery. In Colorado Springs the mountains were literally at our doorstep. By leaving the endless miles of readily accessible hiking trails, we lost our most prevalent physical activity. And while there are parks and walking trails galore in the Twin Cities and beyond, Logan does not consider ‘walking’ and ‘hiking’ to be the same thing, and thus began the search for a new hobby.

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