Holman's Table

Holman's Table

How often does someone suggest going to the airport for dinner? It’s probably not the first place that comes to mind when you want a relaxing, fine dining experience. Truthfully, when Logan and I heard there was a “cool” restaurant at the St. Paul Downtown Airport, I immediately pictured a counter service deli with some marginally edible pre-made, egg-salad sandwiches. Once again, my preconceptions were way off.

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Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

Did you know that the Twin Cities has a vibrant and thriving theater and live music scene? It is definitely a point of pride here in the Cities. From intimate, historic music venues to enormous modern playhouses, there is something to satisfy every taste. Thankfully, musical theater is a love Logan and I both share. In fact, we first ‘bonded’ over our shared love for Jesus Christ Superstar during a house party. We were the only two nerds watching a musical while everyone else was doing tequila shots.

I never turn down a dorky photo op!
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Octo Fish Bar

Octo Fish Bar

Superb seafood in landlocked St. Paul!

We don’t often splurge on extravagant date nights, but every once in a while, a special occasion or celebration marks the perfect time for some Twin Cities seafood! The Octo Fish Bar, located in the Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul, has literally been on our eating wish list since before we left Colorado, and it did not disappoint.

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The Tea House

From 2013-2014 I taught English in Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province in China, through an organization called WorldTeach. Hunan has a rich culinary tradition and, as with the rest of China, food is an extremely important part of daily social life. Everything is eaten family style, which is great for trying a huge amount of different dishes. Ironically, during my time, you know what I couldn’t find to eat? Anything you’d order off a menu in an American Chinese restaurant.

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