About Us

IMG_3787Grand Teton National Park

We are newlyweds who left our home in the picturesque mountains of Colorado to start a new adventure in the bustling Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.  Join us as we navigate the ups and downs of our fresh start in the Midwest and beyond. We will eat, explore, and celebrate our experiences together on a reasonable budget.


I grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado and while I’ve lived in Portland, OR and China, I always ended up back home until we moved here to the Twin Cities. I’ve been running (slowly) for a few years and am working my way up to my first marathon. I also enjoy hiking and other outdoorsy activities, traveling and exploring new places, trying new food, especially if it’s extremely spicy, and generally most things that fall into “nerd culture” (board games, comics, movies, etc.). My current goals are to improve at distance running, spend more time with new outdoor hobbies such as kayaking and fishing, and, as a first time home owner, figure out how to take care of our house, yard, and garden.


I have a passion for photography and home renovation, though I claim amateur status for both.  As an avid nature and animal lover, I want to get out there and explore, but laziness has taken over my life.  My initial goals are pretty simple:  Eat more veggies and less carbs, increase physical activity, and be more mindful about my impact on the environment. Come along on my journey as I step outside of my comfort zone and attempt to live a more healthy, active, and adventurous lifestyle.


I am a German Shorthaired Pointer and the newest member of the family. I am a hardcore hiking, swimming, traveling adventure dog. I am my Daddy’s best running buddy and my Momma’s best photography muse. I can still be a handful, but I am trying my best to mature into a decent young lady… most of the time!

With Us In Spirit…

Madison and McKenna