Holman's Table

How often does someone suggest going to the airport for dinner? It’s probably not the first place that comes to mind when you want a relaxing, fine dining experience. Truthfully, when Logan and I heard there was a “cool” restaurant at the St. Paul Downtown Airport, I immediately pictured a counter service deli with some marginally edible pre-made, egg-salad sandwiches. Once again, my preconceptions were way off.

Located just across the Mississippi river from Downtown St. Paul in a tiny regional airport, Holman’s Table is anything but “marginally edible.” In fact, it is downright delightful. Locally-sourced ingredients and seasonal menu options create a traditional yet inventive culinary experience. The ambiance harkens back to a time when air travel was an elegant experience, and not the hot mess it is today. Fear not, you won’t be required to remove your shoes and battle TSA to enjoy this amazing gem; however, reservations are a good idea! 

Logan and I have been twice for brunch (once with my visiting parents, who also gave their wholehearted stamp of approval), but we are very eager to try some of the amazing dinner options such as grilled oysters or espresso crusted elk. However, while brunch is very affordable, the dinner menu tells a different story… definitely a splurge.

Eggs Madame, their take on Eggs Benedict, has velvety smooth smoked gouda bechamel sauce. Logan raved about their seasonal omelette with big chunks of medium-rare lamb, and my Father greatly enjoyed their classic corned beef hash. And finally, Holman’s Table has found the perfect balance of quality orange juice and champagne to make an exceptional and simple mimosa. (You’d think this would be easy, but I’ve had way too many disappointing mimosas overflowing with cheap, sour juice with only a thimble full of bubbly.)

You can watch private planes depart and land from the restaurant’s large picture windows, or on a warm day, sit outside on the Tarmac Patio. (We have yet to sit on the patio, so I’m curious as to how the restaurant mitigates airplane noise and fumes. I guess it’s a good excuse to go again and report back!)

Homan’s Table is a definite gem hidden in a most unexpected place. Next time you’re catching a private plane in or out of the city, be sure to check it out!

(P.S. This was one of our favorite brunch places pre-COVID. We are happy to announce that they have survived the pandemic so far and seem to be going strong!)


Disclaimer: All opinions are entirely our own, and exactly that – opinions. We are not sponsored and have not been compensated in any way for a favorable review.

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