Ostara 2020: Celebration in Quarantine

Today is March 20, 2020 and it is day 5 of quarantine for Britt and me. Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, the day we celebrate Ostara, and the first day of Spring. It was a perfect Spring day to be home. This is a time of chaos in the world, but more than ever I would like to take a moment to focus on the balance that this time of year embodies, take stock in what I am thankful to have, and what exciting things we’ve been preparing for.

First, I am thankful for our health and for the health of our friends and family. While everyone is being impacted by this virus in one way or another, everyone we know is healthy thus far. I hope everyone does what they can to stay safe and healthy on their own as access to health care will become more difficult in the coming days and weeks.

I am thankful for the jobs Britt and I have at the University of Minnesota. We are both extremely lucky to have these positions that allow us to continue working from home. We have turned our living room couch into an office where we can work whilst alternating between whose show gets watched (hospital and zombie shows are, unsurprisingly, regular choices). It is important to acknowledge just how privileged we are to be in this situation given how much of the country and world is struggling to get by right now. It is also important to be thankful for those making continued life possible during this crisis: healthcare workers, grocery and food service workers, janitors, and any employers who are taking care of their employees as well as their businesses (to name just a few). We were able to get to one of our many local co-ops which, while low on canned goods and toilet paper, had the most gorgeous fresh produce fully stocked and ready to go. When we checked out, we showed our appreciation by finally joining as shareholders.

Ostara Feast!

I am thankful for our home, which has already given us endless wonderful memories during the two years since we moved in, and our friends, who we wish could be here with us today to join our celebrations. We were very sad to eat their share of steak.

The weather is definitely turning here in Minnesota. While we are normally not even beginning to thaw out by this time, we have had weeks of above-freezing weather. Almost all of the snow has melted and it has been raining all day. It is really perfect weather to kick off Spring. 

Working from home has certainly offered us a lot of flexibility in our daily routine as we prepare for the coming warm months and the life that is to come after the weeks or months of quarantine. Britt has cleaned up our “Outback” because it is almost warm enough to use. Last week I planted some tomatoes and peppers and they are just starting to pop their little heads up. I already had to repot a Ukrainian Purple tomato seedling because it was growing so fast the roots were attempting to expand into neighboring seed pods.

Tiny spring seedlings emerge!

After failing to grow anything other than leafy greens last year, we have secured a community garden plot about a mile away from our house. We are excited to be able to use our home garden to continue growing herbs and greens while using our sunny plot for peppers, tomatoes, and any number of veggies yet to be decided upon. 

What we are most excited for is, at long last, getting a new puppy. The ordeal of getting this dog is better left for another post, but we finally know that a puppy is on the way. We don’t know which pup will be ours, but a female German Shorthaired Pointer, part of a litter of 4 “leap babies,” was born on February 29. This nest has been empty for far too long, so we are mostly just planning on over-spoiling this little princess as much as possible. Despite all the fear and chaos happening all around us, we are looking forward.

(Photo credit: The Shorthair Connection)


4 thoughts on “Ostara 2020: Celebration in Quarantine

  1. Hi Logan,
    I really enjoyed this entry because it just evokes Spring. Starting plant seedlings brings back fond memories when my father would do the same thing on the kitchen windowsill. He couldn’t wait to put the seedlings in the cold MN earth. He really enjoyed gardening as did my mother. She was the guardian of flowers though, and nurtured her rose bushes like babies! The one fruit she did raise was a gooseberry bush which was oddly planted near the hole house air conditioning unit. Each summer she would harvest enough gooseberries to make one large pie which my father would enjoy immensely. I never quite understood the charm.
    Love you, Rochelle


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